Chicken Runs and Fencing

One of the biggest misconseptions about buying a coop with an attached run is that that is all the room the chickens need, a coop with run provides the absolute minimum space for your chickens, to maintain their wellfair a much larger area for them to roam is needed, a dedicated fenced off area or run is the perfect solution.

Omlet walk in chicken run.jpg

The Omlet Walk in Chicken run is the perfect solution to keeping your chickens safe and sound.  It is made of high quality metal and can surround any coop not just those made by Omlet. 


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There are many different customisable options so you can design the size and shape of your run to suit your budget and available area.


The runs can be fitted to any of the Eglu coops with optional porch, partitions, weather proofing.

The partitions are great for keeping different birds under the same roof, or seperating a sick or injured chicken giving it some space to recover

To make sure your chickens are protected from the elements, Omlet offer a fantastic range of weather proofing solutions.

Omlet chicken run cover.jpg

Chicken Fencing

Omlet Chicken Fencing.jpg

Another great option is chicken fencing, this allows you to section off a greater area than the runs and can easily be moved and reconfigured as needed.