Beechwood Blue

Also known as a Bluebell Chicken

Beechwood blue chicken
Mature Bluebell Hen

The Beechwood Blue Chicken, also known as a Bluebell Chicken is a large, heavy docile bird and is similar looking to the Copper Blue Maran. 


They have a dark black head which fades into a smokey blue plumage. 


Bluebell chicks

Even though Bluebells are a larger breed of chicken they lay standard sized eggs and the chicks start their lives as little dusty grey balls of fluff the same size as any other chick, by 2 weeks of growth however, the Blues are noticeably bigger than the other chick breeds of the same age.

Blue chicks 2 days old
Blue chick 1 week old
Beechwood Blue Chicken for sale.jpg

Bluebells are a hybrid chicken, meaning that their parents are of different purebred species.  They are commonly bred from a Rhode Island Red Cockerel and a Blue Maran hen.

This means they are related to the popular Rhode Rock and they can sometimes sport brown feathering around the neck and breast.  This can be subtle or prominent.

Bluebell pullet
5 week old Bluebell showing browning of the neckline.
Bluebell amber link bason chicken
Beechwood Blue with Bason and Amber Link hens

Despite their size, Bluebells really are gentle giants and are very sociable. They will happily live with other Bluebells or any other species, including small species like Bantams (although mixing with very small breeds is only advisable when all birds are young).

If your Bluebell is in a mixed flock of chickens, she will always be top hen due to her size, smaller hens will often feel safer with a Bluebell for a friend!

Beechwood Blue.jpg
Young Beechwood with Plymouth Rock and ISA Brown
Beechwood Blue Bluebell.jpg

Bluebells are a very popular choice for small scale poultry keepers. They will happily wonder around the garden and are very food orientated.


They make very good pets and being large and hardy are fine outside all year round in the UK.

They are great with children but because of their weight they are not keen on being picked up but will happily approach and feed from the hand.

Bluebells will lay up to 240 large brown eggs per year.

Beechwood Blue Pullet