ISA Brown

ISA Brown Hens

The ISA Brown Chicken is a

French Crossbred hen designed for battery egg production. 

Here at Court Farm Chickens we don't condone such practices and all of our ISA hens will enjoy their lives as loved pets.

The hens are brown in colour with white flecking around the wings, neck and tail.

The exact amount of white can vary with some hens having non and others can be almost half white half brown.

ISA Brown.jpg
ISA Brown Hen

The ISA Brown is a medium sized bird with a great personality; they are extremely sociable and get on well with all other chicken breeds.

They are a hybrid hen which means their parents are both a pure breed of different species, exactly what species is a closely guarded secret as ISA Browns lay the most eggs out of any chicken breed, up to 320 a year!

ISA Brown Chicken

As the ISA Brown is a hybrid it is not advisable to breed from them, it is almost impossible to find a male ISA Brown as they are a 'sex-linked' chicken, which means males hatch a different colour and are always removed as it is the hens that are needed for egg production.

The female chicks are yellow with 2 brown 'chick monk' stripes down their backs.

ISA Brown Chick (6 weeks)

ISA Browns are the classic brown hen and what most imagine chickens look like.

There are many other brown hybrid hens which look very similar (Warren, Red Ranger, Hyline, Goldline) but the ISA is the original.

They are very affectionate and a great starter hen, due to their increased egg laying they may not live as long as other chickens but with the correct care they have been known to live 5+ years.

ISA Brown day old Chicken for sale.jpg
ISA Brown Chick (2 days)