Lenham Chicken Coop

The Lenham Wooden Chicken Coop is the perfect solution for those wanting to keep a larger flock in their garden. Designed to fit up to 12 chickens, this wooden coop has a beautiful, traditional look, which can be finished in a colour of your choice.  The secure, wooden chicken coop comes with three comfortable perches for chickens to roost at night. The spacious nesting box has a hinged lid for egg collection and can be completely removed to make the weekly clean even easier. Watch the video below to discover the beautiful design of the Lenham now.

Lenham large wooden chicken coop for sal

The Lenham Chicken Coop is the quintessential chicken coop. Designed to fit into any garden yet large enough for up to 12 chickens, it’s a great choice for both those new to chicken keeping, this large chicken coop is ideal for placing inside a larger Walk in Run for the ultimate chicken keeping set up your neighbours will be envious of!

wooden chicken coop with nest box for sa

Hens Will Be Safe in the Secure and Durable Coop

The latches and locks of the Lenham are straightforward to use but keep your chickens safe from predators and other uninvited guests.

Once your hens are shut up in their Lenham Chicken Coop, they are safe and secure from foxes. The catches and locks are strong enough to withstand interest from predators, and cannot be opened by Mr Fox.

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