Amber Link


The Amber Link Chicken is a descendent of the Rhode Island Red Chicken and is a medium to large chicken when fully grown. They are generally pure white with amber/cream around the neck.

They can on occasion develop brown or grey mottled wings.

The Amber Link starts off life as a very pale yellow chick and soon grows into a fine looking white hen.  They become POL at around 21 weeks and lay 250+ light brown eggs per year.

Amber Link day old chick Chicken for sal
Amber Link.jpg

The Amber Link is a very confident curious bird, they don't shy away from something new and are always at the front of the flock eager to see whats going on.

They are quite vocal for female chickens, not to loud but they are always talking to any other hen or human that cares to listen to them.

Due to their curious and brave nature, adequate security need to be in place to keep them safe.  They will happily flap over a 4 foot fence (even with clipped wing feathers!) they don't do this because they want to escape, they just want to know whats on the other side!

Amber Link with pekin duck.jpg

Amber Links are a very loving breed, they show great affection to other hens and their owners and have been observed helping to clean and feed older birds in the flock. 


They have a high tolerance of being picked up and handled and they love to perch on your shoulder or have a cuddle, they are also very eager to feed from your hand.  The Amber Link is one breed we can say with confidence is suitable as a first hen for children.