Frequently asked questions

What are your opening hours?

We are generally open every day but operate on an appointment only bases. Please ring us on 07599430249 before visiting to confirm availability of birds and staff.

Are the different breeds available all the time?

No, although we can supply many different breeds, not all will be ready for sale at all times. Please check our website and social pages for current stock.

You don't have what I want, can you get it?

Maybe! Just ask and we will strive to supply you with your new feathered friend in no time!

I have Fertile eggs/Chicks for sale, will you buy them?

Depending on our demand and available space we may well be interested in purchasing fertile eggs and chicks.

I have adult birds for sale, will you by them?

Unless it's a breading pair then no, we don't purchase any birds over 4 weeks old.

What Payment Types do you accept?

Currently we only accept cash.