Omlet Products

Omlet are one of the leading brands of chicken coops in the UK and the only company to offer the unique Omlet Eglu Chicken coop, probably the best plastic chicken coop that money can buy!

We at Court Farm Chickens are proud to be an official affiliate and offer their products.  From Eglu coops to feeders and everything in between Omlet have everything you need to start enjoying your new chickens straight away!

From the compact Omlet Eglu Classic to the giant Omlet Eglu Cube, we have the perfect plastic chicken coop for your flock!

omlet eglu_cube_plastic_chicken_coop.jpg

The Omlet Eglu Duck house is a truly innovative duck house designed specifically for the first time duck keeper. Modern and stylish - it is the ideal way to keep between 2 and 4 ducks.


The only way to effectively hatch an egg without a broody mother hen is to use an incubator.  Omlet has a fantastic range available so no matter your needs, we have the set up for you!


Add a bit of fun and enrich your birds environment with any number of fantastic toys and accessories available from our range.


The Omlet Walk in Chicken run is the perfect solution to keeping your chickens safe and sound. 

Omlet walk in chicken run.jpg

Choosing the correct feeder and drinker for your set up is key to stress free hens, we've got a great range of chicken feeders and drinkers to meet your requirements.


Chicks must be kept warm and Chick Brooders are the perfect way to do it, these Electric Hens will keep up to 20 chicks safe and warm and are fully adjustable as the chicks grow.


Introducing Omlet's first ever Automatic Chicken Coop Door - the safest and most convenient way to let your chickens in and out of their coop has arrived!

Omlet automatic door.jpg