Leghorn Bason

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Adult Leghorn Bason Hen

The Leghorn Bason is a smaller hybrid variant of the famous leghorn chicken.

When fully grown they are a fraction smaller than the average hen but they don't get lost in the crowd thanks to their very impressive fan like tail!

The Leghorn Bason requires more attention and thought than other breeds of chicken so we don't recommend this breed as suitable for new chicken keepers or children.


Leghorn Bason chicks start of as very pale yellow chicks with nothing to really distinguish themselves from other breeds.  Within 8 weeks however, there are very noticeable differences starting to develop.

The chicks are a more streamlined, slimmer shape and they hold themselves taller but duck down low when moving around.  They are also fast, very fast!  Basons younger than 16 weeks old should not be let out of a secure run, they would be very difficult to retrieve.  They can also "fly" a lot higher and further than any other chicken breed so runs should be fully enclosed and the flight feathers on one wing of the bird clipped.

Most chickens would struggle to get over a 4 foot fence, young Basons can manage a 6 foot flight.  Once settled and laying however, they are as relaxed as any other breed and rarely try to escape.

Apart from their beautiful tail feathers the other most noticeable feature of the Leghorn Basons is their incredible combs!  The hens often have larger combs than cockerels of other breeds and if it wasn't laying eggs you would be forgiven for thinking it was indeed a cockerel. 

Leghorn Bason Chicken.jpg

The last thing that makes the Leghorn Bason really stand out is that it lays pure white eggs!  These wonderful eggs are slightly smaller than a standard hens egg but look and taste amazing!