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Please check below to see what chickens we currently have for sale.  We get new stock in monthly so please ask if there is something you would like but can't see here.  All our poultry are raised from the day they hatch and can only be brought from our farm by appointment.  Please Ring - 07599430249 with any enquiries.

A Hybrid Hen is a mixed breed chicken, so the cockerel of one purebred is paired with the hen of a different purebred and the chicks will be a variation of the two.  This allows for some wonderful colours and varieties to be created.  Hybrid Hens generally lay a lot more eggs than purebred Chickens.

Barred Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock6.jpg

Out of Stock

Next batch due October 2020



Out of Stock

Currently all reserved

Calder Ranger

Calder Ranger Hen Chicken for Sale.jpg

Out of Stock

Next batch due February 2021

Light Sussex

Light sussex chicken pet chickens.jpg

In Stock

Sold Out

ISA Brown


In Stock

Hatched 25/06/20 - currently all reserved

Amber Link


Out of Stock

Rhode Rock


In Stock

Hatched 25/06/20 - currently all reserved

Leghorn Bason

bason white Chicken for sale.jpg

Out of Stock

Next batch due December 2020

Beechwood Blue (Bluebell)

Beechwood Blue.jpg

In Stock

Hatched 25/06/20 - currently all reserved

Coming Soon!

These very exciting breeds will be available from Court Farm Chickens late 2020 and early 2021!

Lilac Bell

A white version of the very popular Beechwood Blue or Bluebell hen.  This lovely Lilac hen comes in slightly smaller then their Blue cousins and lay a medium light brown egg.

Mottled Leghorn Bason

This very attractive hen is a mottled version of the white Leghorn Bason.  This small hen really stands out in a flock thanks to its large black tail.


This very exciting hen will be our first chicken that lays green eggs! Available as POL only in early 2021.

Polish Bantam

These small black and white Bantams are a great beginners bird as well as being sort after by collectors.  More details to follow.


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