Black East Indian Duck

Black East Indian ducks are a bantam breed of duck and have the most impressive plumage of any breed (in our opinion).

Their base colour is black but their feathers shine with iridescent in the sun giving them a green and blue metallic look.

Being a bantam breed, the Black East Indian ducks should not be mixed with larger breeds of duck but will live quite happily with other bantam breeds or Call Ducks.

Like all ducks the male or Drake, is relatively quiet and unable to make a quack noise, the female however has a very loud quack and likes to announce her presence every morning, bare this in mind if you have neighbours close by.  

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 Black East Indian ducks love nothing more than foraging in the grass and mud for bugs and grubs and will very quickly turn an enclosure into a mud bath, we recommend a layer of bark chippings to keep this to a minimum.

Being a bantam breed they are capable of flight so a fully enclosed run is is a must. 

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They are however incredibly hard to breed, having the lowest annual egg count of any domestic duck breed.  If you do get an egg, they are often coloured black, just like their feathers!

Black East Indian ducks make very good mothers and will fight beak and webbed foot to protect their young, mothers with ducklings should be left alone so not to stress them out.

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Our Black East Indian Ducks are bred and hatched here on the farm so we can guarantee they are happy and healthy and correctly sexed at the time of sale.

Male and Female Black East Indian ducks available for sale from our farm in Rodmersham near Sittingbourne Kent

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