Chicken Houses

There are many different off the shelf chicken coops availble in all kinds of designs to suit every budget.  Here we will go over a few of the most popular as well as a few DIY designs.

Omlet Eglu
omlet eglu igloo.jpg

The Omlet Eglu range of coops are great for back garden settings as they are fully contained.  The plastic design makes them easy to clean and very hygienic.

The new Eglu Cube comes complete with everything you need to get started including the no-spill food and water containers. The house is fitted with comfortable roosting bars, a large slide-out dropping tray and an integrated nest box. Collecting eggs is easy through the eggport.


Raised up on a sturdy frame with an improved non-slip ladder it’s the convenient way to keep a large flock of hens. With Omlet’s unique steel weld mesh run you’ll have the peace of mind of a secure outdoor space for your hens that can be enlarged using the run extensions or by connecting it to one of Omlet’s popular Walk in Runs.


By adding the purpose designed wheels you can make your chicken’s dream coop a breeze to move.

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Wooden Coops

Wooden Coops are the staple of chicken keeping; they look great and are easily customisable. Coops like those pictured here can have readymade runs attached to them allowing your hens to have a lot more space whilst remaining safe and secure from predators.  They often have trays that can be removed for easy cleaning as well as separate areas for the hens to lay eggs.  These particular coops (and many more) can be found at:

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DIY Projects

Building your own coop is by far the most rewarding set up, not only is it cost effective but you can build to what ever size you need and can easily encorporate the sleeping areas with outdoor space.  Here are some pictures of some of the coops we have built.  A full how to guide will be available soon.