A Family-Owned Business with a passion for poultry.

We are a family owned business opening in 2019, we are based in the small rural village of Rodmersham just outside of Sittingbourne in Kent and specialise in providing the finest quality and range of poultry for the pet trade in Kent and surounding areas. 

Please check our Poultry For Sale page to see what birds we currently have available.

We operate an appointment only system please ring - 07395334567 before visiting.

Poultry is often keep in very low standards of welfare and we intend to change this.  All birds reared and kept at Court Farm Chickens are kept to the highest standards, each hen is given space to roam and exhibit natural behaviours.  Our coops are kept clean and dry (easier said than done when it comes to ducks!) and all birds are health checked at least once a week whilst in our care. 


We do not condone practices such as beak clipping, wing pinioning or crating the birds.  We always do our best for the animals and never destroy a healthy bird.  Cockerels are cared for and re-homed and disabled birds often wind up in our personal coops to live out their days. 


We do not raise birds for meat (including turkeys) all our animals are hand raised from the day they hatch and sold specifically to the pet trade and small holdings.  We do not facilitate large orders for the sole purpose of battery egg production.


We are located in the middle of a working farm which has been in operation for more than 100 years.

We are a seperate business to the main farm so all inquiries must be directed through us and not G.H. Dean or Black Bird Farming.

We operate on an appointment only basis, please do not just turn up as there may not be anyone here to help you.  Please ring us on 07599430249 to confirm availability before starting your journey.

Poultry for Sale

We pride ourselves on offering the finest selection of handpicked poultry.

Our range of species and variety of bird is always expanding so if you're after something we don't have, just ask! We may well be able to source what you require.


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