Poultry Health

Here are some staple health products that are a must have for the cupboard of any poultry keeper.


Smite A Mite Professional Red Mite Liquid is a concentrate which, when mixed at a 6% solution with water, will kill red mite in all poultry and chicken houses. 


Will effectively eliminate RED MITE and other parasites Very effective against mite eggs Non-toxic and does not contain pesticides.

Pleasant odour and easy to use dosing pump Economical, only 3-6% dilution required Efficient detergent degreaser and cleaner - ideal for removing organic matter Suitable for all animal and bird housing . 


A BEST SELLING PRODUCT FOR MANY YEARS! MULTI-MITE special grade DE is a 100% natural product made from single cell Diatoms. It has limitless uses! NOT ALL GRADES OF DE ARE THE SAME OR AS EFFECTIVE!! This grade has been tested against others and found to be the most effective, this is the one you want. MULTI MITE is highly effective against & more: Ants, Aphids, Bollworm, Bed Bugs, RED MITE, Ticks, Fleas, Cockroaches, Clothes Moth, Corn Worm, Earwig, House Fly, Fruit Fly, Lead Perforator, Greenfly, Leaf Hopper, Lygus Bug, ALL Mites, Black Fly, Salt Marsh Caterpillar, Pink Boll Weevil, Red Spider Mite, Box Elder Bugs, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Millipedes, Silverfish, Slugs, Snails - and virtually ALL other types of small bugs!

Nettex Poultry Cider Vinegar

  • Nettex poultry cider vinegar 1l is a natural, pure, unfiltered, non- pasteurised product that can be added to feed or water

  • A good source of vitamin a, vitamin c, calcium and phosphorous. Poultry cider vinegar can help to support the immune system, maintain vitality and good feather condition

  • When added to water at the rate of 20mls to 1 litre it will help sanitise the water and prevent the drinker growing biofilms on the container

  • Natural properties of the product will also support birds through times of stress such as weather extremes, moving house, introduction of new birds or after fox attacks.

  • Although not a cure, Cider Vinegar has been found to help chicks suffering with Coccidiosis.

Verm-X All Natural Pellets for all Poultry.

  • A premium, 100% natural supplement. Made in the UK, these pellets for all poultry are a blend of natural herbs and a prebiotic to boost the quality of your poultry's gut biome.

  • Unlike one-off chemical tablets Verm-X is a powerful herbal formulation that works continuously to help build a healthy gut environment. This helps to manage intestinal hygiene.

  • Feed this healthy supplement as directed. Irresistibly tasty and highly palatable. Samples available. Suitable for chicks and chickens with sensitive stomachs.

  • Worm count tests: We recommend a  worm count test is taken at the start of treatment and a subsequent worm count test after 21 days.

  • We carefully select herbs for our winning Verm-X Original formula. What we exclude is just as important. For example, Wormwood. We don’t include Wormwood as Wormwood may cause harm during pregnancy.

Verm-X Liquid for all Poultry

  • 100% natural and organic verm-x liquid for poultry is an effective formulation for natural control of intestinal hygiene. It is palatable, easy to administer and formulated to also improve general well being.