Guinea Fowl For Sale

Guinea Fowl Keets for sale

Guinea Fowl keets hatch as brown and yellow stripped fluff balls and very quickly become independent.  Guinea Fowl make terrible mothers so most keets will need to go to a broody foster mum or under heat lamps. 

Guinea Fowl grow quickly and are a very nervous flighty bird and for this reason should always be contained, they do however have a very strong flocking instinct and will scream continuously if separated from the flock.

We sell our Guinea Fowl from 8 weeks of age but they will need to go into an aviary type set up at this age.

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Guinea Fowl are notoriously hard to determine the sex so most keepers have a flock of 6 or more and let them get on with it.  Guinea Fowl are extremely noisy and so are not suitable for an urban or built up area.  They can live in large aviary's or free range in large open areas.

They will sleep in trees and forage for insects, they cannot be domesticated and tamed like chickens.  Guinea Fowl are an ornamental breed, bred for meat, eggs and to add an exotic feel to large gardens.

Our Guinea Fowl are for sale for £15 each.