Coops and Runs

If you fancy the more traditional looking wooden chicken coops then check out this selection.

Please note that all coops with attached runs are not large enough to house your birds 24/7.  The hens should be allowed out daily into a sectioned area of garden or place the coop inside of a secure run.

  • Sliding access door to the run

  • External nesting area's within the nest box

  • Slide out galvanised steel dirt tray

  • 1x internal roosting perches

FeelGoodUK Chicken Coop with Internal Roosting Perches

  • Overall Coop Dimensions: Width 300cm X Depth 75cm X Height 105cm (These are the overall dimensions including the roof overhang) (Imperial: Width 9' 10" X Depth 29.5" X Height 41.25")

  • The Run Measurements are: Width 254cm x Depth 69.5cm (Imperial Width 8' 4" x Depth 27.25")

  • Heavy Duty asphalt roof, Nesting Box Roof lifts open to give full access. Galvanised removable tray for easy cleaning. Remote Closable Coop Door to contain your poultry in the house at night. Secure sliding latches.

  • Two roosting perches and two Nesting Sections inside house. 

  • Secure wire mesh and latches to help keep poultry safe from predators. Supplied flat pack with easy to follow instructions.

COZY PET Chicken Coop with Extended Run

  • Up to 5 larger birds, but always check the dimensions are suitable for your needs.

  • Includes slide out galvanised tray for easy cleaning.

  • External nest box with two nesting sections.

  • Sliding door at the top of the ramp to lock your birds away at night.


Feel Good UK Walk in Poultry Run

  • 2 x 3 x 2m (6.6 x 9.8 x 6.6ft)

  • 25mm galvanised steel tube - 0.8mm wall thickness

  • 25 x 25mm, 1.1mm thick wire, pvc coated hexagonal wire mesh

  • Opening metal cage door with lock

  • Uv stabilised polyester fabric roof shade now included


  • ECO Wooden & Plastic chicken house with weather proof and easy maintenance plastic roofs

  • metal lined pull out tray for easy cleaning

  • legs covered by rot free adjustable plastic cap / legs

  • up/down sliding door ideal for automatic door openers

  • Dims* incl nest box and roof overhangs approx: (152cm x 61cm x 110cm)