Poultry for Sale

Please check below to see what Poultry we currently have for sale.  We get new stock in monthly so please ask if there is something you would like but can't see here.  All our poultry are raised from the day they hatch and can be brought as:

Hatchlings - (1 day - 4 weeks) - These young chicks need to be kept in a brooder under a heat lamp, only purchase hatchlings if you have the correct facilites to look after them.

Off Heat - These chicks are between 6 and 15 weeks old and are now fully feathered, out of the brooder and living outside in a coop.  They still need much more care than a POL hen and depending on the weather may need a space indoors.

POL Hen - Point of lay hens are 16 weeks and older and are already laying eggs or are just about to so you'll be enjoying fresh eggs for breakfast before you know it!  These are the best option for new chicken keepers, children or those with an already established flock.

As well as chickens, we often have a wide variety of Bantams, Ducks, Turkeys and Guinea Fowl so check back often to see our new stock.

Here you will find all the hybrid and large breed chickens that we have for sale, these are our most popular hens.

Chickens for sale kent

Here you will find what seasonal birds we have available for sale, these include Turkey's, Guinea Fowl, Quail, Pheasents, Partridge and more.

Turkeys for sale Kent

Our current price list for all our poultry for sale

chickens for sale price list

Fancy some water fowl? Click here to see what breeds of ducks we currently have available.

ducks for sale kent

Click here to see our Bantam breeds, our most popular are Pekins but we also sell rare breeds like Silkies and Belgium D'Uccle.

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